Did you know about “Red Spot Jr.”?

I won’t deny that there was a slight urge in me to take the image above and tell you about how Jupiter’s flat. 😉 

Can’t do it.

I’m much more intrigued by what they call “Red Spot Jr.” at the source to the image here:

A surprise is the color of Red Spot Jr., a storm smaller than the Great Red Spot, which has faded from red to white over the past couple of years. Red Spot Jr. appears near the center of the map, at a more southerly latitude than its legendary big cousin. Telescopes originally identified Red Spot Jr. as a white, oval-shaped storm, created when three white ovals merged about 20 years ago. Like a chameleon, it changed its color, turning red in observations made in 2005. Now, it has changed back to its original colo

They can’t seem to explain why the spot turned white, or was red to start with. The physics here is just awesome. Hypotheses include everything, from, and this I love, red dust particles turning white or red due to different levels of ice condensation on them at different times. Red, white, red, white…

…and then, of course, that may just be utterly false as an idea. 

They don’t know what happens, but they do have oodles of ideas. Isn’t that cool? 😎

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