“He is not noted for any discoveries…”

“…but he did publish several works of a scientific nature.”


You know the name Einstein, right? You may even know about him and his ideas. You know Newton and heard, probably, about many more scientists than you’d think.

Here’s the thing: They never are the lone genius type. I don’t care what the stereotype is, it’s just not true. No scientist just sits by herself all the time. Some do for a quite a while, like Newton before he came up with his life’s work. But when they do, they do it after getting ideas in conversation with others – in Newton’s case, there’s a famous urban myth about him being dared to explain the universe.

There is always interaction. There is always conversation. Science is about people understanding and communicating what they understand.

Here’s the other thing: There aren’t enough Einsteins and Newtons to go around for all those conversations. Never were. 😉

Here’s the one above, one who wasn’t Newton or Einstein.

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