Bonnet 18

Parody is the highest form of flattery. Please don’t kill me. 🙂

Shall I compare thee to a plumber’s whey?
Cow fart, so lovely. Grand boar, Templar pet.
Fluff skinned dew steaks a starling studs’ toupee
And plumber’s crease path crawl two-quarter crate.
Dumb rhyme flew naught three seven pines
And soften kisses fold, numb section slimmed.
And revery where glum bear sometime reclines,
Dry dance for nature’s ranging force, unlimbed.
Nut pie fraternal plumber shall not raid,
Nor blues profession scoff what square scow blow’st,
Nor, pal, breath shag how squand’rest pinnace maid,
Then win maternal wines! To rhyme thou throw’st.
So wrong, says Ben. Ban sheathe, sore guys ran free,
So wrong sieves kiss and kiss gives wife blue flea.

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