“Almost”: The keyword to understanding space

This is how this goes: As a kid, you look up and realize that there are a lot of stars. You learn that the universe is full of wonders. Then you learn, too, that space is almost empty. You don’t quite believe that to start with, but ok, it’s what they say, and they must be right. Still, you keep accepting images like the one above even after starting to believe.

Now, what does “almost empty” mean? It means that the image above is wrong.

The truth is that whenever I point this out, I become a pedant in the eyes of some. “Yeah, there aren’t any letters hovering over the planets, either.” That’s fine. It’s not inconceivable that I’ve been doing it in a slightly patronizing manner.

Here’s the thing, though: Click here and see what we should show kids from the get-go. Given the fact that this is 2020, there’s no excuse not to put this up on a screen somewhere.

Simple as that. #pixelspace

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